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Visit the de Young

The Caroline and H. McCoy Jones Department of Textile Arts contains more than 13,000 textiles and costumes from traditions around the world. A remarkable range of techniques is represented, including loom-woven textiles; nonwoven fabrics, such as bark cloth, felt, and knitting; and objects embellished with beading and embroidery.

Highlights from the collection include extraordinary Turkmen carpets, rare 12th- through 15th-century Central Asian and North Indian silks, the most important group of Anatolian kilims outside Turkey, European tapestries, exquisite ecclesiastical textiles, and contemporary Bay Area fiber art. Since the 1930s the de Young has been known for its 20th-century couture, particularly from the post–World War II era, with outstanding pieces by Cristóbal Balenciaga, Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Madame Grés, and Yves Saint Laurent.

With holdings that span nearly three millennia and represent cultures from 125 countries, the textile arts collection enables the Museums to draw connections across cultures and enrich other areas of the permanent collection. Throughout the year the Lonna and Marshall Wais and Diana Dollar Knowles and Gorham B. Knowles costume and textile arts gallery hosts several exhibitions, featuring the diverse range of these collections, as well as important traveling exhibitions.

In addition to the larger rotating textiles presentations in the main gallery, the T. B. Walker Family Education Gallery houses small, didactic displays and contains study drawers illustrating representative pieces from the entire collection, highlighting different textile techniques. The Joan Diehl McCauley Study Center is available to researchers with a specific focus of study by appointment only.

Step behind the scenes, as our textile conservation department, with assistance from registration and curatorial departments, prepares an important artwork from the museums’ collection for international travel. Part of a larger loan of six costumes, this video focuses on the preparation required to ensure safe transport of a voluminous and intricately embellished ball gown, Venus by Christian Dior (1949), in conjunction with Ship/Art International.

Christian Dior, Day dress, “Poulette”, 1948. Black Silk Faille, 63 x 17 11/16 in. Gift of Mrs. Eloise Heidland, 1982.18.4a-b

Kay Sekimachi, “Wave”, 1980. Woven book of linen, acrylic paint, and buckram (lining); double weave and warp-painting, 4 3/8 x 4 3/8 x 18 in. Gift of the artist, 2005.124

The Smartest IDE for MongoDB

NoSQLBooster for MongoDB (formerly MongoBooster) is a shell-centric cross-platform GUI tool for MongoDB v2.6-3.6, which provides fluent query builder, SQL query , update-in-place, ES2017 syntax support and true intellisense experience.

NoSQLBooster for MongoDB embeds V8 JavaScript engine. No external MongoDB command line tools dependence.

NoSQLBooster for MongoDB can connect MongoDB server and fully support its mongo shell commands from v2.6 to v3.6.

Support MongoDB Enterprise Edition by adding authentication mechanisms: Kerberos(GSSAPI) LDAP(PLAIN).

NoSQLBooster for MongoDB offers true IntelliSense experience. The build-in language service knows all possible completions, methods, properties, variables, key words, even the MongoDB collection names, field names and operators. The IntelliSense suggestions will pop up as you type. You can always manually trigger it with Ctrl-Shift-Space . Out of the box, Ctrl-Space , Alt-Space are acceptable triggers.

With NoSQLBooster for MongoDB, you can run SQL SELECT Query against MongoDB. SQL support includes functions, expressions, aggregation for collections with nested objects and arrays.

Let's look at how to use the GROUP BY clause with the SUM function in SQL.

Instead of writing the MongoDB query which is represented as a JSON-like structure

You can query MongoDB by using old SQL which you probably already know

Please note that SQL features are not natively supported by MongoDB. The SQL query is validated and translated into a MongoDB query and executed by NoSQLBooster for MongoDB. The Equivalent MongoDB Query can be viewed in console.log tab.

Click here to learn how to run SQL SELECT Query against MongoDB

NoSQLBooster for MongoDB comes with visual query builder. The two-way query builder could help you construct and display complex MongoDB find statements even without the knowledge of the MongoDB shell commands syntax.

NoSQLBooster for MongoDB supports mongoose-like fluent query builder API . A Query enables you to build up a query using chaining syntax, rather than specifying a JSON object. The aggregation framework is now fluent as well. You can use it as currently documented or via the chainable methods.

You can assemble npm packages like building blocks in your MongoDB shell script. The npm registry hosts almost half a million packages of free, reusable code — the largest software registry in the world.

A biceps tear is a partial or complete tear of the biceps tendon. Injuries to the biceps muscle and tendon are fairly common. The biceps (biceps brachii) is made up of two different muscle bundles in the upper arm between the shoulder and elbow. It is a tri-articulate muscle, meaning it works across 3 joints.

The biceps tendon attaches muscles to the shoulder in two separate places, helping to bend the elbow and rotate the forearm. A strained biceps is the result of a tear in the biceps tendon. A tear can occur when a person’s arm absorbs a large amount of force (such as breaking a fall) or during a forceful pushing motion. Overuse of the muscle can also result in biceps tendon injuries.

90% of biceps tear injuries occur near the shoulder (vs near the elbow). Any sport that places a high load on the shoulder has a higher risk of biceps injury, such as weight lifting, football, gymnastics, tennis, and wrestling.

Symptoms of a biceps tear may include:

The treatment and healing time for a biceps tear depends on the type of tear experience. A partial tear usually heals within 3-6 weeks, while a full tear requires surgery and may take 4-6 months for recovery.

Tendon injuries such as a biceps tear are traditionally slow to heal themselves. Mild injuries that have not damaged more critical structures (such as the rotator cuff) may be treated with nonsurgical methods. Ice, rest, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (ibuprofen, naproxen), and physical therapy may be sufficient to treat the injury.Patients that continue to experience symptoms from a partial biceps tear after nonsurgical treatments have been exhausted may be referred for surgery.

Surgical treatment involves a procedure to re-anchor the tendon back to the bone. Complications are rare, and re-rupture (repeat tear) is uncommon. nike air jordan 8 doernbecher wallpapers
may be used in conjunction with surgery in the treatmentof a biceps tear.PRP, combined with adult stem cell therapy , accelerates the healing of tendon injuries by delivering an injection of concentrated growth factors directly to the injury site, stimulating soft tissue repair and regrowth.

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The era of big data will lead to systems necessitating the transport of large amounts of information. Today's high-speed I/O signaling links are faced with difficult challenges: pins and interconnects available for off-chip signaling remain almost constant, while the throughput needed is increasing and the required aggregate bandwidths are moving into the Tb/s range (with target bit error rates as low as 10-21 for memory links).

High-speed chip-to-chip communication has historically been considered less critical than the on-chip signaling performance; however, due to today's huge demands for data throughput, off-chip interconnect bandwidth is increasingly becoming the system bottleneck, and creative solutions are needed to meet the requirements, now measured even in terabytes per second for graphic processing cores. Due to manufacturing and technology limitations, the physical dimension scaling of the passive package and interconnect systems is unable to keep up with the rapid miniaturization benefits enjoyed by active devices (such as silicon chips in CMOS technology nodes) which is dictated by Moore's law. Therefore, the resources (pins and interconnects) available for off-chip signaling remain almost constant, while the throughput needed is increasing. This trend is expected to persist in the future. At the same time, in order to keep up with the data throughput needed over limited resources, high edge rates are being used for signaling. This causes various signal integrity impairments, which in turn limit the system performance and force the data rates to be well below the Shannon limit of the channel capacity. Coupled with the limited channel resources are the conflicting requirements of low power and extremely reliable signaling . All of these limitations combined call for creative solutions in order to keep up with the performance demands of next-generation systems.

In our research group we investigate how these changes will affect the different aspects of high-speed link design. We develop modeling and simulation strategies as well as techniques for mitigating noise while reducing power.

The number of graduate students enrolled during the 2015-16 school year.

306 N. Wright St.Urbana, IL 61801-2918

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